A website designed to get you new members, customized to your box and brand

Your website is your number on marketing tool and your best way to get new members. We’ve worked with boxes around the world to design sites that convert interested people into free trials. And we’ve built a support team to handle any update, fix any problem, integrate most any software and generally ensure you never have to worry about your website again


  • Get found: Search engine optimization built into every site
  • Broadcast your message for free: full social integration with Facebook
  • Designed to convert: Our sites get interested people into your box
  • 3rd party integration: Scheduling, WOD tracking, and billing in the site
  • Full support team: our team is always just an email away to update or fix anything on your site

Get found: search engine optimation built into your site

We build your site to get people to find you. Our sites are always in the top page of major search engines and we work hard to keep them there. This starts with coaching our customers on the language to put up on their site and moves all the way through coding the site to be recognized by search algorythims.

  • Best practices on writing your content to help with SEO
  • Sites designed from the bottom up to start to do well in search
  • A track record of getting our client’s sites on the top page of major search engines

Social media integration exposes your box to 1000s of potential customers

Our sites are fully integrated into facebook. What that means is that when you post a blog post, or a member comments on the WOD saying “Got my first real pull up!!” that appears not only on your facebook page, but also on your member’s page. And, more importantly on all of their friend’s newsfeeds. Thanks to the integration of the blog with facebook hundreds of that members friends will have seen the post too, all for free. And every day a few of them will come to your site and sign up for a free trial.

  • Free marketing reaching thousands of prospects every day
  • Fully automated integration maintained by our team so you don’t have any extra work
  • Guidance on the type of content to post to get your box the most attention

Good websites are more than flashy business cards, they get you new members

Affiliate websites have two target audiences: your existing community and potential new members. Too often sites focus almost exclusively on the existing comunity. Our sites are designed to balance both and as a result get way more members to sign up. We’ve run analytics and figured out the layouts and content that gets people to sign up. If you’re site isn’t getting you new members you’r site isn’t doing its job.

  • Designs tested and proven to convert
  • Prominent sign up forms on every site
  • Tracking to ensure you know how many sign ups you’ve received

Full support so you don’t have to worry about your website

Our support team is available 7 days a week to tend to your site. If you don’t want to ever access the back end of your site you won’t have to. Our team will handle everything. If you ever notice a problem on your site, or you just want to update some information about your box, just email our support desk and they’ll fix it.

  • Dedicated support resources all the time
  • Quick turnaround on requests
  • Constant maintenance and monitoring of your site

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